June 18 - July 10, 2022



* This includes food, housing, transportation, medical insurance, t-shirt, and most ministry supplies. It does NOT include flights.

Application Deadline

May 7, 2022

Status Update



Dates are set for the summer, 2021 trip!

12/08/21 Covid Update: Currently Romania is requiring proof of covid vaccination for entry, even though they did not require that during the summer of 2021. Romanians have told us they think that requirement will probably be dropped before next summer, but there’s no guarantee. Romania has changed its covid rules very frequently. There may also be an exception for those who have recovered from covid within the last six months or can prove immunity with an antibody test, but the rules aren’t clear on this right now.

Team Activities

The picturesque side of Romania: a place where cars and horse drawn carts share the same roads, castles form the backdrop for modern cities, and the beautiful countryside is still farmed by hand. The dark side of Romania: aging Communist-era factories, high unemployment, Gypsies treated as the unwanted minority, and abandoned children caught in the human trafficking industry. However, there is a real openness to the Gospel in this country where less than 8% of the population are Protestant Christians. The children especially are quick to respond to God’s love and forgiveness. So, gear up for tons of kids’ programs! From churches, to a Gypsy village, to a camp for poor children, you will have an opportunity to share the Gospel with those who are most willing to hear it!

Team Leadership

  • Enoch Munson Team Leader

    Me in 12 Words or Less: Friendly, adventurous, active, eager to have conversations to know people better.

  • Haley Bryson Team Leader

    Me in 12 Words or Less: Everyday girl who loves helping, dreaming, creating and globetrotting. Let it begin!!!


  • At least 16 years old (15 if traveling with an older sibling)
  • Genuinely saved
  • In agreement with the Global Encounters statement of faith
  • Previous ministry experience with kids and teens is helpful, but not required.
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