Oct 1-16, 2022



* This includes food, housing, transportation, medical insurance, t-shirt, and most ministry supplies. It does NOT include flights.

Application Deadline

August 20, 2022

Status Update



The photography team has two options this year! The information currently listed here is for the Thailand option. There is one spot left for another photographer on the Romania trip. See Romania Team details for dates and price.

Covid Update for Thailand – 04/29/2022: Right now Thailand still requires the covid vaccine or a quarantine period, but the government has announced that they will drop all covid rules on July 1. This could change, but we think there is a very good chance that the vaccine will not be an issue by October. If this is a concern for you, add a note about it on your application. We won’t book tickets without confirming that you’re good with whatever the current requirements are in October (which hopefully will be nothing!).

Team Activities

You’re a photographer. You have the ability to capture beauty and help others see the world through new eyes. Had you ever thought that your camera could also be a tool to share the gift of eternal life with young teens? If you are a photographer with a heart for loving people and a desire to see others get saved and grow in their faith, the Missions Photography Team would be the perfect culmination of your skills, abilities, and passion for people.

Two to three photographers will travel with the Thailand mission team this fall. While the rest of the team is running the children’s programs, the photographers will be running simultaneous photography lessons for the older kids. Many of these teens and pre-teens need something extra to draw them in and capture their interest. Photography can bridge that gap.

However, they need more than that. They need investment in their lives from adults who will take the time to build friendships and disciple them. Photography provides the platform to accomplish this. An even greater need, though, is for the truth. They need the truth of the Gospel and they need to know how to live God’s truth in their lives in practical ways. They need a relationship with the Savior. Photography is a tool to get this message across. The photography lessons will communicate, in very visual ways, the same truths of Scripture that the younger kids are learning through games, crafts, and stories. Your personal stories, and the friendships you build will give those truths life and meaning.

Trip Location

Photography Requirements

  • DSLR Camera
  • Laptop
  • Since photography is the primary ministry platform for this team, photography skills are a must. The first step is to fill out the application for the trip. After you have applied, we will contact you to discuss your photography training and experience.

Team Leadership

  • Liz Team Leader

    Me in 12 words or less…
    Adventure in overdrive. Life in a carry-on suitcase.


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