Our Purpose and Vision

Global Encounters has two goals:

  1. To serve in foreign countries by sharing the Gospel, teaching Biblical truth, demonstrating Christ’s love, and meeting practical needs. We do this by working with and supporting those who have a long-term investment in the country (pastors, missionaries, churches, schools, orphanages, etc.)
  2. To disciple young people by providing hands-on ministry opportunities and a team structure that focuses on discipleship. The types of ministry projects we organize bring team members face-to-face with real needs and challenges – often changing their hearts and perspectives on life forever – while the team leaders are there to disciple and mentor the team through the experience.

This is the short version of explaining our vision. If you want more information, please explore further in the “About” section of our website. If you like what you read, and want to join us in making it happen, there are lots of ways you can get involved!

How does international ministry work with short-term teams?

Through the projects that the teams carry out in their host countries, we seek to proclaim the Gospel, encourage Christians, and meet practical needs. Occasionally the objection is voiced that a short-term mission team can’t possibly have a long-term impact when they only serve in a country for two to four weeks. However, history is full of stories of those who were changed by one sermon, one person who shared the Gospel, one person who handed out Bibles, or even by a simple act of kindness. The influence doesn’t stop there. Those whose lives are touched and changed by contact with the team members stay on in the country, continuing the work God intends to do in their own area.

We also believe that one of the best ways for short-term teams to have a long range impact is to work in cooperation with missionaries, pastors, and churches. These people and organizations have an ongoing ministry within their communities that is likely to continue for many years, but they are often in need of more manpower to carry out their ministry goals and reach more people with the Gospel. Working with missionaries and pastors has provided incredible contacts and ministry opportunities, including access to people groups who would normally reject outsiders, but trust those that come with a missionary or pastor who has already built a relationship of trust. It has also meant that when the team leads someone to Christ they can connect new Christians with a church or ministry that will continue the discipleship the team has begun.

In addition, working with churches, pastors, and missionaries has allowed the team to encourage and serve some of those who need it most – fellow Christians. It is a joy and privilege to be able to encourage those who are pouring out their lives in other countries, serving the Lord faithfully, often with little help or support. Working alongside Christians in other countries also opens the team members’ eyes to the reality and magnitude of the Body of Christ of which they are a part. They are able to see the difficulties and struggles of Christians in other parts of the world and be inspired and challenged by their stories.

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