LizTeam Leader

Team Position: Team Leader
Scheduled Teams: Christmas BreakZimbabweEcuador
Home State: I will always claim CA even if I live in SC.
Family Facts: Oldest of six kids and proud aunt to seven nieces and nephews.
Favorite Country: It’s a toss up between Ecuador and Myanmar.
Strangest food I’ve ever eaten: Ant egg soup… spicy enough to give you instant hiccups.
I never travel without… iPhone, international data plan, and duct tape. With those three items, you can solve most world problems.
Me in 12 Words or Less: Adventure in overdrive. Life in a carry-on suitcase.

About Liz:

I got started in missions by planning to lead just one mission trip. That was 2003 and instead of ending there, I fell in love with missions and changed jobs. I am currently the director of Global Encounters. So far I’ve led mission teams in Romania, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, returning to most of those countries multiple times. While I absolutely love traveling to new countries, speaking Spanish, and sharing the gospel in far away places, my favorite part about traveling with mission teams is discipling the team members. I want to see every team member return home more in love with their Savior and more equipped for ministry than they were when they left home.

My ministry experience before the missions adventures began included children’s ministry since 1993 and family and teen ministry since 2000. In addition to traveling whenever possible, I also enjoy floral design, volleyball, Krav Maga, history, and interior decorating. I do not enjoy packing (yeah, bad combo with all that travel), unpacking (hmmm . . . same problem), or bugs (and God sends me to the jungle!).


Before my first mission trip, I was skeptical about how much a short-term team could really accomplish in a couple of weeks. After spending two and a half weeks in Romania, my perspective totally changed. Far more happened in those couple of weeks than I could have dreamed possible. The Lord greatly blessed our ministry. I think the best night was the evening I was able to pray with five kids who wanted to receive salvation. However, it wasn’t just a time of service, I also watched in amazement as the Lord used those weeks to change the lives of the team members (including me). We learned to trust God as we never had before, we saw the reality of His presence and work in our lives, and our personal relationships with Him were challenged and strengthened. One of the primary reasons I continue to take teams on international trips is because I want to see more young people experience this same growth and change in their lives.

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