Lance FultonTeam Leader

    Team Position: Team Leader
    Scheduled Travels Include: Christmas Break: Ecuador
    Home State: Indiana
    Family Facts: 3rd of 4
    Favorite Country: Ecuador, because it has changed my life
    Strangest food I’ve ever eaten: Brain sandwich at a food festival (I think it was cow brain)
    I never travel without… chewing gun, music, headphones, and sunglasses
    Me in 12 Words or Less: I am always trying to learn, teach, and try new things! INTJ.

    About Lance:

    I grew up in rural south central Indiana with my loving parents and siblings. Growing up my passions in life, other than video games, generally involved some form of problem solving. Whether I caused the problem in the first place is irrelevant to whether I was trying to solve it or not. My parents cultivated a spirit of intrigue in my life from an early age through travel and other experiences. I have been to 33/50 states, and 4 countries either with family or for work.

    After graduating from high school, I went to the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, IN. I studied Industrial Supervision and currently work in the automotive industry.

    I had heard the Gospel from family and friends while growing up, but I never really believed it until I heard it again during my freshman year of college. Looking back on this time I can see how God has continually been growing and working in my life. My first mission trip was to Ecuador in 2016. I am currently an active member at a local church in Evansville where I serve during worship and in Bible studies.

    Lance's Perspective on International Ministry

    I believe international ministry is a crucial component to fulfilling the Great Commission! Shortly after Jesus establishes his authority, he commands his followers to go to all the nations and make disciples. I remember before going on my first mission trip thinking, “There are so many lost people where I am already. God, wouldn’t it just be easier for me to stay?” Fortunately, the Lord gently reminded me that he has commanded me to go, and I’m so glad I did!

    Out of all the things he taught me during the trip, the most important thing is that Jesus Christ alone can save. There is no other way to Heaven but through him! I was privileged to go and tell the kids that! International ministry is just one of the ways the gospel goes forth amongst the nations. Some international ministries go to translate the Bible into new languages! Some go to bring medical attention and relief. Some go to show kids the love Christ has for them. These are just a few reasons, and there are many more, of why international ministry is important.

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