Janan ClementsLogistics Assistant

Home State: Texas
Favorite Destination: Somewhere with gorgeous scenery, preferably with mountains to hike and lots of pine trees
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Flat white
My desk always looks like: I work from pretty much anywhere on my MacBook, but I always seem to be surrounded with notes and random papers.
Me in 12 Words or Less: Passionately finding beauty in life, striving to exalt Christ through it all.

About Janan:

I was born in Tennessee and after some moves across a few states and a handful of countries, I now live near San Antonio, Texas. An only child, I was raised in a Christian home with parents who tried to instill in me the importance of seeing world through the eyes of those less fortunate than us. I travelled to Myanmar—where my mom’s family is from—in 2014 for the first time and was instantly at home. In my travels God has taught me to embrace the culture He has led me to and love unreservedly, letting Him break down the language and cultural barriers in the way only He can do, so others can know Him better through me.

I love meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and always making time for a cup of tea and a good book.

What I do:

I’m the logistics assistant and part of the social media team.

  • Create posts for social media
  • Respond to messages on Instagram and Facebook
  • Assist Haley Sisson with flights, data entry, and other team logistics
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