Caroline HorvathTeam Leader

Team Position: Team Leader
Scheduled Teams: Romania
Home State: Florida
Family Facts: I am the youngest of four
Favorite Country: Ecuador, I love the people and love the place!
Strangest food I’ve ever eaten: Alligator tail
I never travel without… my passport, a sweater or hoodie, my phone for music.
Me in 12 Words or Less: Aggressively helpful, team player, calm and a bit of a jokester.

About Caroline

I grew up in a very busy homeschooling family. We also lived on a small beef cattle ranch so because of that we had many life adventures on and off the farm. Playing outside with my three older siblings was a favorite pastime of mine, getting muddy was the best hobby. I can not recommend swimming in the cow ponds though…

Life has thrown a few curve balls my way but I have been very blessed to work as a pharmacy technician and the customer service manager at a local independent pharmacy for the past five years of my life. Helping as a caretaker for both my older sister and my grandma taught me a lot about helping people and demonstrating love in hard times. I have been blessed to lead a life full of interesting and new experiences and I hope to keep doing so.

Caroline's Perspective on International Ministry

When I was five my family helped start a church in the county next to where we lived. This experience was a great learning tool for how to meet people where they are at in life. As a young child I saw amazing examples of how one should love like Jesus did. Jesus loved everyone where they were and no matter what their life had looked like in the past.

This example was further strengthened at the age of nine when I was taken on a mission trip to Brazil. Spending two weeks on a boat floating down the Rio Negro river further emphasized what the love of Jesus looks like for me and outside of my own home. That trip was followed up with other mission opportunities to Costa Rica and Ecuador. These trips to countries that feel so different from home helped me to gain perspective of what life is like for people in other countries, from their everyday lifestyles to what their belief systems are!

People all over the world have religious worldviews that are hard to break through. But Jesus called us in Matthew to go out into all the world spreading the gospel. While that may seem like a daunting task and even one meant for someone else who we might perceive as being more qualified, it is a command for each of us. So for me international missions are a command by God to be followed. In the process, he uses our obedience to help not only those getting ministered to but also those doing the ministry! I am so thankful that God gives us these opportunities to love others and tell the children in the world about Him!

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