Atalie BaleTeam Leader

Scheduled Travels Include: Lumerit Scholar Unbound: Ecuador
Home State: Ohio
Family Facts: I have two younger brothers who are my best friends and my partners in crime. (We don’t get into toooo much trouble 😉 )
Favorite Country: Myanmar, Asia – It’s where God gave me a passion for the global church.
Strangest food I’ve ever eaten: Boiled pig ear. It’s not exactly at the top of my list of recommended foods…
I never travel without… My CAMERA. It’s a bridge to relationship building.
Me in 12 Words or Less: Stargazer, curious learner, energetic communicator, storyteller, firefly-lover, teacher, failure redeemed by Christ

About Atalie:

Seven years ago, if you had told me what I would be doing today, I would have said you’re crazy. At that time, I had never traveled in an airplane, much less stepped foot outside North America, and yet I see how God was preparing me all along. Funny how that works…

I am a homegrown country girl: homeschooled from pre-K to Grade 12, and if that wasn’t enough, decided to do college the unconventional way too! I finished my degree with CollegePlus (now Lumerit Scholar Unbound) in 2012. I studied abroad in 2011 in Turkey and Greece. That’s where God tapped my shoulder about missions. I have been helping to lead teen ministry on Global Encounters trips to South America and Asia ever since. Right now, my domestic mission field involves running a portrait photography business, being very involved with the youth at my church, improving my skills in design and teaching, and speaking about missions whenever I get the opportunity. There are so many things I love, but the thing I desire the most is to invest in the lives of kids and teenagers so that they are prepared to fight the battles of life well. On the lighter side of things, I like snowboarding, county fairs, swing dancing, learning guitar, travel (duh), writing, and ice cream!

Why GE:

Some people wonder whether short-term ministry does any good. I understand their concerns: the lack of commitment, the desire for a God-high, the tendency to butt into a community and “do good” when, in reality, you’re just taking over. This is international ministry done people’s way. What does it look like done God’s way?

God has been talking about bringing the nations to himself since His covenant with Abraham.  He has an incredible heart for the nations of the world that I would dare to say many Christians in America have yet to discover. They may know it in their heads, but the knowledge hasn’t touched their hearts. It didn’t touch mine until I saw the global church in action, denying themselves on a daily basis, picking up their crosses, and following HARD after Jesus. They do it because they have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. They do it because they have experienced a piece of the ache of God’s heart. This is what turns a two-week trip into a life-long endeavor. I believe God can use many things to awaken our hearts and call us out of the trappings of the American Dream, but I believe going on an international mission trip is one of the most effective, as long as the goal is to seek God’s heart. This goal, this skill, this gift, is something God bestows, not just on the international mission field, but on the mission field of home as well. It’s all about getting our priorities straight.

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