Ashley DicksonTeam Leader

Team Position: Team Leader
Scheduled Travels Include: Chiapas, Mexico
Home State: Missouri
Family Facts: I’m #4 of my 9 awesome siblings who all do crazy epic things – like play music and bake and do karate and… well, you know the drill!
Favorite Country: Oh my word, my very first trip to Ecuador. It grabbed ahold of my heart and 5 years later my heart is still there!
Strangest food I’ve ever eaten: guinea pig… for sure. It actually does taste like chicken!… only… better!
I never travel without… Hand sanitizer… and chocolate, naturally.
Me in 12 Words or Less: Fun-loving, goofy, energetic, heart-felt, caring, genuine, musical, sarcastic sense of humor

About Ashley:

There’s so much to say! I absolutely adore kids and have three little boys that I nanny as well as teaching violin and piano. I graduated with my Bachelors in Violin Performance and am in the process of getting ready for auditions to grad school or professional orchestras. I’ve been to Ecuador three times, Colombia once, and this will be my third time to Chiapas Mexico, as I went on the Language school team this year. Thanks to that trip I now know Spanish… pretty ok. 😛 I love the beach, mountains, music, interacting deeply on a spiritual basis, and chillin’ with my family! And the most important thing… I LUV JAMBA JUICE!!!


Missions trips are one of those things that I strongly encourage everyone to do at least once in their life. They will come back with a complete heart change, mind change, and life change. It happened to me the very first time I went to Ecuador. I remember getting so incredibly attached to the kids there. Seeing how God was able to bless the team and the kids in the most unusual ways is something I will never forget and a huge reason to why I continue to go back. It’s also a huge culture change. After a trip I often experience culture shock. The American life. How much we take for granted. For example. The last week in Ecuador we had cold showers if showers at all. After that I continually thanked God for showers. Hot showers every time I took one.

Missions trips cause you to look at life differently because you to realize it’s not just a one time thing. We are constantly on the mission field even in the States. God calls us to go out and make disciples of all Nations. I have talked to several older kids about the Gospel and living their life for Jesus and I’ll never forget one time last year when a boy on my team that I had been praying for all week came up to me ecstatic saying now he “has Jesus in his heart!” The joy that came into my heart had me almost sobbing. It’s such a precious thing when a new child of God enters the kingdom. This is when I’m reminded: this is why I do this. For the glory of God.

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