Aria EdwardsTeam Leader

    Scheduled Travels Include: Language Team
    Home State: Maine
    Family Facts: #3 of 14
    Favorite Country: Mexico, state of Chiapas
    Strangest food I’ve ever eaten: You know it’s a toss up between steamed nettles (with all the needles they taste like eating wool) and this fruit that looks like a ball you crack open filled with slimy frog eggs, but it was super delish.  
    I never travel without…My iPhone! It’s my camera, my Bible, my Spanish translation aid, my alarm, etc., etc…. I also never go anywhere without my personal journal. (Hey, let me paste this in my journal!)
    Me in 12 Words or Less: Adventurous, fun-loving, take each step by faith, people-loving, spontaneous, coffee-obsessor

    About Aria:

    I’ve been going on missions with Global Encounters for six years now and I absolutely love the ministry! I’m a survivor/fighter of chronic Lyme, and though it’s a hard battle I’m so thankful for it and the perspective on life it has given me as I’ve seen my life in the palm of Gods hand. I LOVE the outdoors, from the mountains to the ocean hiking, rappelling, hammock camping, diving, and photography. 

    Aria's Perspective on International Ministry

    Jesus left us with the command to “go forth and make disciples of ALL nations teaching and baptizing them…..” we are called to be a part of Christ’s GLOBAL church and that’s pretty exciting! Being an American, visiting christians in another nation is encouraging to them, but they floor me with their faith and commitment to living for the Lord. I think it’s so important for us to go beyond our own little worlds and tell others of the amazing news of the Gospel and it’s profound impact in our lives. I cannot imagine going through my experience of sickness without knowing of my salvation and the comfort only God can give, and there are sooo many people out there who have it so much worse than I did, and they have never even heard his name! How can we NOT go? In the end, I’m just a beggar telling all the other beggars were to find bread. 

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