Amy DicksonTeam Leader

Scheduled Travels Include: Romania
Home State: Grew up in Iowa, currently lives in Washington
Family Facts: Met my husband thanks to being assigned to lead the 2015 Romania team together! Brandon and I got married 16 months later in October 2016.
Favorite Country: Istanbul, Chiapas, Budapest (ok, they’re not countries but they’re still my favorite destinations!)
Strangest food I’ve ever eaten: “Agee” – it was green. It went “glop” when it hit your plate. That’s more than Google knows.
I never travel without… Clean socks, backup clean socks, water bottle, iPhone, and my Jackery charger
Me in 12 Words or Less: Spunk + Organization. Good things come in small packages. “Travel Size.”

About Amy:

For several years I have been active in children’s ministry, teen discipleship, and job coaching developmentally disabled individuals. I currently work remotely part-time as a provider scheduling specialist for a pediatrics office in Upstate SC. The rest of the week I am the Logistics Manager for Global Encounters (think applications, training, billing, editing, logistics, spreadsheets…). I also serve as a team leader for various trips throughout the year. Since 2007 I have been on almost too many GE trips to count, and though my passport doesn’t exactly show it, my current total is 17 countries on 5 continents. High on my bucket list is to collect all seven continents (hmm, that kinda sounds like happy meal toys or something!). In addition to traveling, I enjoy piano, volleyball, kayaking, reading, sunrises & sunsets, and exploring the PNW with my husband.


Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. As Christians, we have the unique privilege of carrying on that ministry in our current generation. One of the enjoyable aspects of being a team leader is the opportunity to not only have that experience myself, but also to facilitate a challenging and enjoyable mission trip for the young people on the team. I can attest to spiritual and personal growth in my own life because of short-term mission trips. There’s nothing quite like having an 8.0 magnitude earthquake on your very first trip to bump you completely out of your comfort zone! I’ve grown to love breaking from the choreographed routine of my everyday life and meeting God in more simple circumstances. I love worshipping, praying, and singing with the national believers in multiple languages knowing that there is no language barrier with Jesus.

People often ask what benefit short-term missions can have. Remember, though, that Jesus’ earthly ministry was short-term missions. He traveled from city to city, investing Himself on a personal level. Paul did the same. Money doesn’t wipe tears, give hugs to lonely street kids, or encourage weary souls. People do. That’s why we go. Length of time doesn’t matter so much as the sincerity of our love and the redeeming message of the Gospel. I keep getting drawn back again and again, and I enjoy sharing these experiences with others as we together share Jesus with our world.

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