Happy birthday!

Maggie’s blog for July 30 2013 It’s my birthday!!!!! This is the third birthday I have celebrated in Ecuador. I love this country! I was so excited because this is the first time in [...]


How do you say goodbye?

Today was our last day with the kids at the church where we are doing our afternoon program in Quito. These kids and their stories have captured our hearts. It was so hard to say goodbye, [...]



As we talked through our day during the team devotions this evening everyone agreed that it was easier to connect with the kids today. Considering how many children we have at both programs God [...]


First Day in Esmeraldas

Chaos. Cacophany. Sweat. Christ. Tonight I experienced the power of Christ enabling, strengthening, and working in me as we started our ministry in Esmeraldas. We arrived early at the school we [...]