Southeast Asia – Collection 1


Write encouraging notes to friends while supporting the spread of the gospel around the world!

12 cards (3 each of 4 different images)

12 envelopes

Folded size: 5.5 x 4 inches

Blank inside


Photography is a beautiful way to illustrate attributes of God to others, but there is more than one way to do that! On Global Encounters photography mission trips, we bring cameras to teach basic photography to children in other countries and then relate our lessons to the Gospel. A portion of the sale of these cards goes to support ministry efforts in Myanmar and Ecuador.

The stories behind the images featured in South Asia- Collection 1:

Produces Hope – I took this picture as our team watched the sun set over the valley in the mountains of South Asia.  This card reminds me that every harsh reality we see in other countries or at home has a purpose for those who believe in Christ.  Suffering does not have to be meaningless pain.  There is hope.

Reap a Harvest – This picture was taken on a tea farm owned by South Asians who use it as a springboard for connecting with their neighbors, teaching them better farming practices, and sharing eternal hope. While the family showed us around, we got caught in a rain storm and had the privilege of waiting it out in a bamboo hut. Watching rain drip off a thatched roof is one of the best things in all the world.

Imperishable Seed – As we soaked in the culture of South Asia, one of the things that hit me was how Biblical much of what we saw was.  Farmers spreading seed by hand is pretty much a non-existent sight in first world countries. We also walked everywhere in sandals, coming home at night with feet caked in dust.  Washing feet took on a whole new meaning for me.

Come to Me – South Asia is full of men and women carrying not only physical burdens, but spiritual ones as well.  Idol worship is a common practice in some areas. Pray for these men and women trapped in cycles of tradition and fear.

~Atalie, 2014 photography team member


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