Executive Director

Elizabeth Fox

My job involves a lot of immigration forms and visa applications. For one question, I have a constantly rotating selection of answers: “What is your occupation?” Let’s see… what do I feel like today? As the director of Global Encounters I am a teacher – training the team leaders, translators, team members, and kids. I’m a logistics coordinator – working with flights, buses, hotels, budgets, ministry schedules, and supplies. I’m a manager – with one of the most awesome staff teams you will ever meet! I’m a curriculum writer, emergency solver, international liaison, and public speaker. I absolutely love my job and seriously can’t imagine anything I would enjoy more! I travel with teams whenever I can, but I also enjoy the office side of making a mission organization happen. My job is an ongoing adventure of seeing God work miracles to bring children to him and inspire young people toward a life of purpose.


October, 2017 – This month we officially started recruiting for 2018 teams, with a couple of events and a social media focus on the ministry destinations for next year. I’m still busy working on logistics for next year’s teams.

September, 2017 – I’m home! This will be the first month I’ve spent more than a week and a half at home since March. I actually unpacked my suitcase, but that was somewhat a necessity. I completely wore out the poor bag and had to replace it. This month I’m focusing on schedules and logistics for the 2018 teams. We are currently planning 12 teams to operate on 5 different continents.

August, 2017 – I may have fallen in love with Zimbabwe! Running camps for orphans is an incredible privilege and pleasure. We’ve cried listening to their stories of abandonment, neglect, and rejection, but also laughed playing crazy games together and giving them a week of being loved. A number of the children and teens responded to the gospel!


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