Teaching Humility || Amy – June 24

Today was day three in Mintia and Pojoga and we continue to love getting to know these kids and spend time with them. We arrived early in both villages to play soccer with the kids before the [...]


Giving hope to the hopeless [06.24]

Back at the flat after the weekend of exploring castles. This week is the gypsy camps. Please be praying for us and the kids. – Laura I love working in Gypsy villages! Yes, the people are [...]


Boom! Day one completed!

“Boom! Day one completed! It was great! The kids had lots of energy and so that gave me energy. Haha and the skit was epic!” – Laura “Day one of working with the kids is [...]


Coming Soon!

The countdown to Romania is on! Three more days of last minute details, then we board a plane to head to Romania via Budapest. We will be posting lots of stories and pictures soon. In the mean [...]

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