¡Ciao, Peru! Estoy Triste.

The final day has now arrived. There is a sense of urgency in the air as I realize these are the final hours that I will have to spend with the team that I have come to appreciate and love very [...]


A Tale of Three Nights

Three nights of working, two kinds of ministry, and One amazing God! The evening began with getting dropped off in a downtown kind of area. The location was basically a park surrounded by stores [...]


Futbol and La Punta

Hello, dear family and friends! Here’s a snapshot of our day on Tuesday, July 7th.... We had so much fun with the kids at the Saco Oliveros school last week that we were glad to be able to meet [...]


A Change of Plans

Good day folks and thanks for tuning in for another broadcast! This is Bailey reporting live on the day’s adventures of the Global Encounters Team Peru. Due to circumstances beyond our control, [...]


Catacombs and "Peruvian" Pastries

We took pictures in front of the Peruvian president´s home. It is right in the middle of down town and seemed much larger than the White House. We then walked to a Franciscan Monastery which was [...]


Sessions for the Teens

Our desire to see Christ make public His dominion over Lima and Pucallpa has been answered in amazing ways. Today after catching up on on some sleep, we headed off for some Peruvian “fast” food [...]


Out-of-the-Ordinary School Work

It's Wednesday, July 1st and we have reached the mid-point of our trip. We are caught in between two seas of events. There are those events that have already come, and those that are to come. As [...]


Gratefulness Glasses and Other Things

Hello, our dear family and friends! Greetings from Lima, Peru! I would like to give you a snapshot of our day on Tuesday. Bright and early in the morning, we headed out to do a program at a [...]