A Day in Ch’ol || Josiah – August 29

This morning after breakfast we packed up and left the village we were in and drove to the village where we would be spending the next few days. Once we got there we set up the med clinic and got [...]


Update from the Jungle || Med Team

The med team is currently so remote that there’s no hope of sending pictures, but they have been able to send out a few quick updates via satellite chat. The clinics are going great and [...]


MedTeam – July 21 || Richard

Jungle equals chicken filled night. 🙂 It would not be a trip to the jungle without a chicken coop on the back wall of the small church where the team was staying for the week. While I love the [...]


MedTeam – July 17-18 || Matthew T

Thursday and Friday marked a two-day period of rest, clean up, and re-gearing in between traveling and hosting medical clinics. We returned to the Terrells’ house on Wednesday night very [...]


MedTeam – July 15-16 || Matt W

Tuesday we had our last clinic of our first trip out to the jungle. While the hike up to the second clinic was a blast, it sure was good to drive to the last village – bug bites, sandy [...]