Saturday || Yoel – August 15

Today is Saturday, day 12 of the Guatemala trip. We just ended the kids program yesterday. Around noon time we went to a “Compañerismo,” which is basically a time of fellowship. At this [...]


A Spiritual Battle ||John – August 14

      Today was the last day of kids programs at Principe de Paz in Las Tunas, Guatemala, it was sad and happy. Sad that we have to leave these kids, but happy because they have learned so much [...]


{Us: The Team}

Here’s a huge shout out to this amazing team of photographers and children’s ministry extraordinaires! Tonight we are packing supplies, cleaning, and getting ready to head out [...]


Sunday || Lizzie – August 09

Today was our first Sunday in Guatemala. It was another great day where God went before us, having prepared the hearts of each person with whom we talked and interacted. Church this morning was [...]


Recovery Day || Yoni – August 08

It’s day 4 here in Jutiapa, Guatemala and it’s Saturday – the recovery day; although there was not much to recover from, since this past week was focusing on being still and [...]


A day at school || Ashleigh- August 06

Thursday after breakfast, Yoel and I went to get the children for school. As the kids started to pile in they all excitedly asked us our names and our sign names. I continuously messed up on my [...]

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