A Long, Eventful Day || Joshua — May 18

3 AM. Rumble. Shake. “Josh, do you feel that?” I definitely felt something that I had never felt before in my life. “Yeah, I feel it,” I replied. In the next bed over Eddy began to pray, “Lord [...]


Working as a Team || Jillian — May 16

This morning we taught kids from a local Christian school at a beautiful park in Quito. The program went very well, though it had some hiccups. The team leaders had to work out a new pattern for [...]


What A Day! || Lauren — May 14

Oh boy, what a day! Well, as most of the team has expressed, today has felt longer than a typical day, simply because of the lack of sleep. But that doesn’t prevent us from having fun! Our first [...]


CP Ecuador – May 22 || Hilary

Friday was our last day of children’s ministry in the small mountain village outside of Cajabamba, 11,800 feet above sea level. It was a day built around relationships – some that [...]


CP Ecuador – May 21 || Bianca

Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe how quickly our time in Ecuador is coming to an end. In some ways it feels like we were there for weeks and other times it feels like we have only been [...]


CP Ecuador – May 20 || Wednesday

Today was primarily a travel day – from Quito to Cajabamba where we will be working until Friday. After finding our hotel and meeting the pastor out here we drove way out into the hills and [...]


CP Ecuador – May 19 || Tyler

Hola, cuy! It is so amazing being here with my fantastic team members and actually witnessing first hand the Holy Spirit at work. Today, was our second day at Jezreel, but instead of working with [...]


CP Ecuador – May 19 || Victoria

Joy With Abandon The thought of teaching the high school students today was slightly intimidating, yet exciting for me. The last minute change to include the high school students was a surprise [...]


CP Ecuador – May 18 || Hannah

Monday, May 18 – Stretched limits. Extreme improvisation. Learning to trust. On Sunday evening, we were having an incredible devotional where everyone sat in the living room honestly discussing [...]

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