For Kwame, the GE trip to Myanmar in March 2019 was life-changing.

After hearing friends share stories of the various ways God had worked during their trip to Myanmar, Kwame was inspired to sign up to go. He felt God telling him to make himself available and when he did so, Kwame saw God do some really cool things to prepare the way for him to be able to go.

During Kwame’s time in the country known to have the largest reclining Buddha in the world, he was reminded of Who is really important. He saw the incredible power of a simple smile, of a warm hug, of a high five. Those may seem rather insignificant, but Kwame saw the ways that God took those small gifts of connection and used them in amazing ways in the kids’ lives. His interactions with the children were unlike anything he’d ever experienced before in his life.

“I went as a vessel for the Lord to bless others, but I felt so blessed by the kids. We would tell them: Jesus loves you! That phrase carries the same weight in every language.”

Kwame’s first impression of Myanmar? It reminded him of home back in Jamaica where he grew up as a little boy, playing in the dirt. He was blown away by the generous hospitality that was extended to him and the GE team wherever they went. The smiles of Burmese children continually struck Kwame. He felt like the Holy Spirit was telling him that he shouldn’t be sad for the kids who might’ve lacked material possessions or were in tough situations but to look at their faces. They were glowing with smiles splitting across their faces in spite of it all.

“It’s so important to make yourself available because you’re always available to do what you want to do.”

Kwame shares how years ago at a Bible study, he heard a friend mention how important availability is. The group was discussing Matthew 4 where Jesus told Peter and Andrew to follow Him. The disciples all had occupations. They had families. They had plenty of distractions. But they dropped everything and made themselves available to follow Jesus. Kwame said that hearing that passage and the friend share about availability blew his mind. He said it didn’t mean he was at home, twiddling his thumbs, waiting for something to happen. But Kwame learned the importance of telling God he was available to serve when and how he was needed and take that first step.

And when he answered that call to go venture to the “Golden Land” last year, he saw God do so much each day, even on the really hard days. Seeing God at work halfway around the world and getting to be a small part of it is what has inspired Kwame to once again sign up for the April 2020 GE trip to Myanmar!

Will you make yourself available to see how God can use you, too?

Kwame Hylton was born and raised in a little town in Jamaica. His mother and grandmother had a huge influence on his faith at an early age. His mother sacrificed everything for him by leaving home on her own in an effort to provide better opportunities in a foreign country. Kwame has realized God’s forgiveness and has since devoted his life to be available to however the Lord chooses to use him. His heart has been in prison ministry and children’s ministry. He currently attends First Christian Church of Fort Lauderdale. He has a wonderful son, Keoni, who is 8 years old and truly loves the Lord.

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