As we enter a new calendar year, we wanted to give you a small taste of what each Global Encounters destination is like. This month, Kayla, our newest staff member, sends us a postcard from Myanmar.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory was our last day. I was exhausted and still nauseous after an all night bus ride . None of us wanted to sleep, however. Collectively, we decided to go back to the location of our very first camp. We dearly missed those kids and desperately wanted to hug and kiss them one last time. No one knew we were coming. I jumped out of the van, my heart pumping in exhilaration, as I called out some of the kids’ names. Watching their surprised little faces transform into tearful and exuberant reactions as they ran into our arms still warms my heart years later.  

Favorite Meal: Mohinga and the bok choy!

One thing you wish you would have known before you went:  I wish I would have understood more of the various languages.

Don’t leave the States without: a polaroid camera and film. It is an amazing gift to leave behind.

Don’t leave Myanmar without: A longyi, the traditional skirt. Even men wear them!

The biggest thing God taught you: How to love others while I am experiencing a great deal of pain

Why should someone go to Myanmar: Until a few years ago (I don’t remember exactly how long) Myanmar was completely closed from the outside world. It is thrilling to witness God’s work in this country even when missionaries were not allowed in.


We are so excited to have Kayla join our team to help with purchasing. She has traveled with GE to Myanmar, and hopes to use her law degree on the mission field in the future.

You can join the 2018 Myanmar trip April 1-22!

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