FINALLY. After three delays, a failed navigation system, a pivotal gas refill in Jamaica, a turn around & flight back to Fort Lauderdale, two rough landing attempts, lots of zzzquil, and barely any sleep, we made it to Ecuador.

We started off the week with the lesson ‘forgiven and redeemed.’ In the morning we taught at a church where we had groups of 10-20 children. However in the afternoon, we taught smaller groups of 5-8 children at a church further in the city.

The lesson was a great start off to teaching the kids just how much God loves them, wants to forgive them, and how He is the only one who can redeem them from their life of sin. Having the opportunity to teach such important lessons has also been such a reminder to me of how much God has loved me, forgiven me, and redeemed me. And now I get to pass that on!

It’s been really awesome seeing the kids blossom and open up as they’ve gotten to know us, laugh with us, and learn with us. It’s also just been so amazing to see how unique and subtle the Lord has been working and moving since we’ve been here. (Also, the people here are so¬†welcoming. They really make you feel like you’re a part of their family.)

The team is great. Weeks before the trip I had been praying and praying for unity on this team & for the Lord to bring us together for His purpose … and He totally has. It’s been so fun getting to know and work alongside such strong people of faith.

We as a team continue to pray for the Lord to speak through us & guide us as we continue through these next few weeks.

Thank you for praying for us & we hope you’d continue to as we continue on into the next few weeks!!!

– Alyssa

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  • Cindy Horvath

    Beautiful stories of what God is doing! Keep posting!

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