I’m not sure what I was expecting today to be like, but today certainly wasn’t it.

If you had told me that I would meet a little girl who wanted to share a secret with me, I wouldn’t have believed you. When the recess bell at Luz Y Libertad rang out, this eight-year-old didn’t skip a beat as she found me and began to open up her young heart and the great deal of stress it has borne already in its short lifetime. She told of her hardships, and how the only freedom from them that she knows is death itself. How she didn’t understand God, but our story today made her realize she is a sinner and needs the Lord. I shared with her my own testimony of God’s power over death in my life, and then listened as she asked Jesus to come into her life.

If you had told me that I would be able to connect with so many girls even though we have such little common vocabulary, I wouldn’t have believed you. I was blown away by the immediate trust they had towards me. Playing with my hair, asking me basic questions, their curiosity barely quenched when we said goodbye.

Today I learned that you don’t always need to have the perfect answers, just the right question. I learned that while many adults are ready to talk and give opinions, sometimes children are simply looking for someone to listen.

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