We arrived in a mountain town late Friday afternoon. It was nice to have an afternoon of rest and to be able to enjoy the magnificent view from the roof of our hotel!

Saturday morning we met in a field across the street from the hotel where we were staying and the kids started to show up. The lesson we taught was about hearing God’s voice and reading the Bible so we can know who He is and recognize His voice to lead us in life.

I was on game team two, and we played “North – South – Central” to illustrate how we need to listen to God’s voice and not watch others around us or follow the signals of the world.

The kids were very reserved, but they really enjoyed the games and stories! One thing I thought was very special was that some of them came with their wordless bracelets that a previous GE team had given them in May. I could tell they remembered and enjoyed what the team had done with them, and were happy that we had come again! They were such sweet kids to invest in and interact with!

As we were leaving Sunday morning, some of the kids showed up asking if we were doing more programs. It was sad to have to say goodbye! 


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