So far the week has been going so well. In the morning program, we have been able to reconnect with kids and translators from years past. It is always good to see sweet familiar faces again. One of the little girls even brought her Key Necklace that my craft team made in 2014 and proudly showed it to me! The afternoon program is at a church that is new to the team. We have enjoyed getting to know the kids and loving on them.

Our lesson for today focused on God’s Love. In our craft team we talked about God’s thoughts about us being more than the sands of the sea. We showed them one grain of sand first; then a small handful and asked them to tell us how many grains were in that handful. Most would guess a number in the thousands or millions. Then we would show them a whole bucket of sand and ask how much…. usually the answer was “infinito”. 😉  We would then ask them to consider how much sand is on one beach, and finally, how many beaches are all over the world. And God thinks about us more than that! All because He loves us so much. This lesson was SO powerful. (I’ve known that verse for years, but today really put it in perspective for me!) We then let the kids decorate a picture frame with sand and seashells.

After the afternoon program, we said goodbye to the kids at that church. It was a good week. We saw kids turn their lives over to His Lordship. We had serious conversations and taught deep truths. We laughed and exchanged hugs. We played games and had fun. We showed the kids His love and we leave the results up to Him. He is always faithful.

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