We had our second day of ministry today.  It has been crazy to me to be back in Ecuador since I was here last year.  When kids remember me and sometimes even my name, it feels like I was never gone.  I am amazed by how quickly I can get attached to the kids we work with, even when I only understand a very small percentage of what they say to me.

On Monday, I quickly connected with a little girl that was four years old.  She couldn’t play the game that we were playing because it required running. Unfortunately, she can’t even walk by herself because she has extreme trouble balancing.  I carried her for our games because I knew she wanted to play.  She had a blast!  I wonder how often she gets a chance to participate in something like that.  Everyday afterward she was happy to oblige if I asked to hold her.  She’s such a sweet girl.  She is coming to camp the last week which I am very excited about.  This way she will get even more chances to hear about the Gospel.

This week it has been really great working with a new church that we had never worked at before.  What impacted me at this church is how grateful the pastor has been.  He said they have been praying for a group like us to come and do a program for their kids.  He mentioned how they have had the opportunity and kids to do a program for a while but not enough people to help.  It was such a blessing to be an answer to prayer for the church.

On a different note, I have really been enjoying our curriculum we have been using this year.  It is based on finding identity in Christ.  It is so good.  God is certainly using it in big ways and I’m sure will continue to use it in these kid’s lives.  Not only is it impacting the kids lives, God is using it to work in my life as well.  And I thank God for that.  Till next time – keep praying.


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