Today was on another level! It was so lit! After I forced my frozen body to get out of bed we ate an awesome breakfast and headed to the church. As the day started, I could see the sincere expressions on the kids faces as I told them that they not only could know God, but that He wanted to know them and bring them into his family.

I have also never been attacked so much in my life. I would walk into the room and get mauled by a World Cup soccer stadium worth of kids… Ok maybe not that many, but it felt like it especially when they start jumping off things onto your body. Even though I could barely walk for the rest of the day, I loved every second I spent with the kids. They are so cute, so genuine and sincere. We did a skit on why we needed Jesus, but I think I need both Jesus and a pair of crutches.

We headed to the second church. The kids at the second church didn’t even really know who God was, how much He loved them, and that they could be part of his family. They were super receptive. Eight of the kids asked to receive Jesus and we could see the change in them.

God is doing so much in the hearts of these kids, but I think he is doing just as much in our lives as well. He is teaching me so much about His great unfailing love and how I am to love people with that same love.

I had the “honor” of being the princess in the skit and have officially earned the nickname ‘Princess’ on the team. I was very confused though when in the next skit I was the horse. In most stories the characters go from to rags to riches but in my case… I went from being a great princess, to a horse. Unbelievable! (And then I was attacked by more kids.) I think these kids equate their love by how much they attack you. But after they get off of you they help you get up and hug you. It’s a very bipolar system.

God is working so much! Please keep praying for us as we further share His love and seek to honor Him with our lives. In all, I think 15 or so kids received Christ this first week. It is so humbling and exciting watching the Lord work. We love and miss you all. Please remember us in your prayers…

Ok, now I’m going to go get a brace or something for my body.


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