We have developed a solid teaching routine as a team. Each person knows their part in the sequence. Morgan teaches filling the frame, Tracy has the rule of thirds, Jermaine explains portraiture, Ashlyn talks about communicating a big picture concept through pictures, Russ develops the idea of a personal testimony, and I (Liz) give training in story-telling. In between the photography concepts we break into small groups and give the students time to practice with the cameras. We coach them through applying the lessons and use this as a time to relate more personally and build friendships. Personal testimonies are sprinkled throughout the schedule, ending with a salvation invitation from Morgan. We are consistently seeing people respond to the gospel every single day!

Lest you think this all sounds very organized… it’s not. We all have our part in the plot, but how those pieces fit into a day is constantly in flux. Every location is different. Every day’s schedule changes. Sometimes a rainstorm gets in the way or most of the students get stuck at a festival roadblock for several hours. The team does an awesome job of adjusting each day as needed, going with the flow, loving on the students, and sharing Jesus.

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