Today we had our first programs after our weekend of rest, both programs provided us with the largest group of kids we’ve had so far on the trip. They were programs full of laughing, singing, story telling and Bible teaching, which classifies as a successful day to us. Continued prayers for the hearts of these children are always welcome, and so powerful.

Between the two programs, settling into the new place we are staying, preparing for meals and just the general amount of work that had to be done, we are all exhausted. A short quiet time between the programs helped, but only so much since we stayed up late at a campfire with some youth in the area this evening. This consisted of games, the sharing of testimonies, music and new friends. It was also the most I’ve ever had to use my Spanish since I’ve been here, but somehow the girl I was talking to seemed to understand what I was saying.

It was a long day for the team, but well worth the experiences and relationships formed. We’re into our last week now, and I can’t believe it’s snuck up on us so fast. It is so easy to see the small miracles God has put into motion everyday. His consistency is remarkable, and we as a team are blessed to experience it everyday.Chiapas16-72501 Chiapas16-72502 Chiapas16-72503 Chiapas16-72504 Chiapas16-72505 Chiapas16-72506 Chiapas16-72507

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