Our day started at 9:30 am with a nice hearty breakfast of breakfast burritos and fruit nectar.  We had a pile of rubbish from our project yesterday, so after breakfast, a young man from the church brought his pick-up and we took three loads to the dump. After that we switched to other projects around this place that will soon be a ministry building.

This afternoon we went to the other end of town and did a kids program with the youth from the church here. After our goodbyes, we went to see the new building that the church is constructing, they are just building it as the funds come in. It is their own thing, not funded by the Americans. After all of that we got ice cream and had some good team time…now it’s bed time so buenas noches.Chiapas16-0043 Chiapas16-0044 Chiapas16-0045 Chiapas16-0046 Chiapas16-0047 Chiapas16-0048

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