Today was awesome! We all got up from our adventurous hammocks (or respective beds on the floor) and did our second program in this town. There weren’t quite as many kids today as there were yesterday, but that’s okay because God has a plan for the kids that did come. They had a lot of fun today which is always fun for me. There were tons of giggles, giggles all around, especially when I show the kids pictures of themselves and their friends. I always enjoy that.

Thus far, I’ve just been doing craft lessons and explaining how the crafts show Christ working in our lives. That’s been a great experience that has expanded my comfort level with sharing the gospel clearly, but today I got to tell the story of Jonah to the kids in the form of a skit. That was super cool! I enjoyed narrating the skit because having actors involved added a whole new dimension to explaining the gospel. The point was to show that God is our Creator and King and deserves our obedience. Many times, it is very difficult to tell how much the kids absorb from the activities, but they always seem to enjoy the skits so those are great opportunities to present the gospel!

After the program, the team packed up from our residence and moved on to another town where we did not know where we would actually sleep. There were multiple times on the trip when we didn’t know what God would do, but He always came through. He provided an empty house for us to stay in near the local church which worked very well for our needs.

Then a free afternoon! We hadn’t had showers this week as facilities were very limited, so after seeing Guatemala, we visited a lake for swimming/hair washing.

As awesome as doing children’s programs have been, I am always grateful for a free day or free afternoon. Doing children’s programs are extremely physically draining so having time to recharge was essential for us.

God continues to work through us and plant seeds! Please pray that as we continue on, we would trust that even if we don’t see the fruit of our labors, God uses us to plant and water seeds. We aren’t responsible for saving people, just proclaiming the good news!Chiapas16-72601 Chiapas16-72602 Chiapas16-72603 Chiapas16-72604 Chiapas16-72605 Chiapas16-72606 Chiapas16-72607

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