Today was a travel day. We just spent 2 days relaxing, shopping, and catching up on some much needed sleep in town. Now we are ready to go and take on the last week of programs.

This will be the week that will push us the hardest in regards to our physical, emotional, and spiritual limits. By the time the 3rd week comes around everyone is just about ready to go home so we need to remain focused on our mission of spreading the good news of Christ.

We left the town where we spent the weekend around 9:30 this morning, and met up with the missionary at 11:30. After rearranging our supplies and taking inventory of what we needed, we went to the mall to get some supplies and lunch before heading out for the last week.

Everyone enjoyed what the mall had to offer: ice cream, bathrooms, etc. 😛 We then started the drive. Trying to make it as interesting as possible for the team we decided to count all the topes (speedbumps) in the road… but in Spanish. Everyone had to call out “tope” whenever we saw one. I believe we got to 52 before we just stopped counting.

Once we pulled into  the church where we will be staying, we began the process of pulling out the supplies, getting beds organized, and planning our program for the next day. Everyone was pretty excited at the prospect of staying in hammocks again. After having devotions, we went to bed early, counting down the hours ’til we got to see kids again.Chiapas16-72401 Chiapas16-72402 Chiapas16-72403 Chiapas16-72404 Chiapas16-72405

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