Today was our last day of programs, and we did two of them. When we got to our first program, it was fun to see all the kids faces, cause they were filled with smiles. It was also fun to see how everyone got excited when we did the music, games, and skit. Their laughter and cheers filled the air, it was so much fun!

This afternoon we ate lunch at a waterfall which was absolutely beautiful! Then on to the next program.

The second program was held in a covered basketball court. It was fun to see the kids reactions during the Bucky skit, and also when the thunder storm came rolling in while we were doing crafts. Fun memories, that’s for sure!

Tonight we didn’t know where we were going to stay but one of the church leaders here really wanted us to stay with him. When we walked over to his house, we ate supper and then he showed us the room he had in mind. It was too small to fit the whole group, but he was determined to find a place for us all to sleep, so he took us to the church and we slept there. He showed a lot of hospitality and generosity. Seeing that showed me that I need to be more hospitable and generous wherever I go.

Now it is time for bed, so goodnight!Chiapas16-72801 Chiapas16-72802 Chiapas16-72803 Chiapas16-72804 Chiapas16-72805 Chiapas16-72806 Chiapas16-72807

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