This morning our team cleaned up the backyard of the place we are staying. When we got it all done, it was amazing to compare the before and after and see how much we got done in such a small amount of time.

This afternoon we did a kids program in a small plaza with the youth from the local church. Seeing the team work together, acting in the skits, making crafts, playing games, and singing with the kids, showed me that God was in this with us and that he was working all things together for good.

After the program, we came back to the house where we are staying and the young adults had a meeting which they let us all attend. One of the girls gave a testimony about how God had helped her through the tough times and taught her to trust in him. That reminded me of tough times I had gone through and I wondered if I trusted God in those times. I hope to trust God now and in the future and can’t wait to see what he has planned for me.Chiapas16-0036 Chiapas16-0037 Chiapas16-0038 Chiapas16-0039 Chiapas16-0040 Chiapas16-0041 Chiapas16-0042

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