Today we enjoyed the awesome experience of staying in a hotel. It was wonderful to stay in a nice hotel after a week of staying in local churches and other places that lacked many modern conveniences. We all slept in late and enjoyed the comfortable beds, though some of us did wake up early enough to eat a late breakfast. We all relaxed doing various things ’til it was time to eat lunch. It was very nice to have a little bit of free time.

After lunch, we went to the local market and did some souvenir shopping. We spent most of the afternoon there looking at the various stalls and buying different things. It was an awesome experience seeing all the unique handmade stuff.

Some hours later, we went back to the hotel and got comfortable till dinner, when we ate some amazing tacos. I think that was some of the best food we had in Mexico. Some of us went out and got gelato for dessert (very good) and toured the town at night. Then we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.Chiapas16-7231

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