Today was our seventh day on the trip! It feels like we have been here longer than a week because of how close how team is and how great everyone is doing. Today was hot and itchy like the other days but everyone is doing well in spite of the circumstances.

We had a pretty busy day planned for us, it started with breakfast as a team at 8am, then we headed straight into team bonding exercises and prep for our programs. Today, Brandon and Amy decided to pair us up and have us act out a story. We had two minutes to prepare and five minutes to act out the story for the team. With a team full of introverts, I would say we all did pretty good!

Our first program of the day was at a gypsy village close to where we are staying. Today was different that yesterday; we were unable to do the crafts that we planned because the difficulty and amount of work that went into making them would not work well for the gypsy children. Also, it was really hot when we arrived so we had to stay under a shaded area instead of an open field. Our team did great improvising and changing things up on the spot.

When we finished the program at the gypsy village, we had the opportunity to visit a castle. That was really neat and nice to spend some time with the team.

This evening, we went to a small Romanian village for our second program. It was a big topic: Jesus is Salvation. The children were great. I feel that they listened more, they opened up more, and were just more relaxed.

I have enjoyed my time in this area, and am sad that we only have one more full day here before we move to our next town.Romania16-0031 Romania16-0032 Romania16-0033 Romania16-0034 Romania16-0035 Romania16-0036 Romania16-0037 Romania16-0038

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