Today was our first full day in Romania, and what a day it has been! We were able to sleep in late and had the morning off. Since this is my 4th trip to Romania with GE, today was a great time of reunion with people from previous years. One of the translators told me she had been praying that I would be able to come back this year because I enjoy the trips so much. What an answer to prayer!

We did our first kids program in Romania this evening. The team did a great job working together, being flexible, and interacting with the kids. Our lesson was about God, our Creator and King. Each team member taught a portion of the topic and the kids walked away knowing the seven days of Creation and the story of Jonah.

Many of the kids we worked with today came from foster families or children’s homes. For most of these kids, their parents have gone to other places in Europe to find work, leaving them behind. Even though these kids have food, clothes, and a roof over their heads, most of them do not feel the love of a family or know the love of Christ. What a joy it was to love on them! We played, laughed, talked, took pictures, and had a ton of fun doing it.

Thank you for your prayers for us as we spread the love and truth of Christ in this corner of the world!Romania16-0016 Romania16-0017 Romania16-0018 Romania16-0019 Romania16-0020 Romania16-0021 Romania16-0022 Romania16-0023

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