The poverty level here is amazing me. Walking down the street I saw a lady just trying to stay warm on the street as if she was going to be sleeping there all night. While on my way to exchange some money, I saw a little boy off crying by himself. I’m guessing his mother was in a meeting deciding where all the street vendors were going to go and station themselves around the city for they day.

Seeing these people’s needs can be hard, but whats even harder is the question that comes to my head: “Have they ever been told about Jesus?” There are a lot of churches here, but remember, they are just buildings. People see them as tourist attractions or historic sites, maybe a few come because tradition has said to come when you’re in great need. Just because we have a building we call a church doesn’t mean it has followers of Christ.  The body of Christ is the church. So often we get those two confused. My prayer is that they would not just know of Christ, but rather have a personal relationship with Him.

Last weekend we went with a missionary and his son to find locations in villages for med team to hold their clinics. It was a great time of practicing our Spanish as we had the opportunity to both hear and speak it.

The days have been busy with classes and of course lots of tarea (homework)! So please keep us in your prayers as it can be difficult to learn and study another language.

Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified. – Psalm 70:4

Thanks for praying!


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