3 AM. Rumble. Shake.

“Josh, do you feel that?” I definitely felt something that I had never felt before in my life.

“Yeah, I feel it,” I replied.

In the next bed over Eddy began to pray, “Lord you know what’s going on right now…”


“Actually let’s get downstairs first and then pray.”

I concurred with this logic. “You know what, that’s a really good idea, Eddy.”

I bolted out of the room with Eddy right behind me as we scrambled down the stairs from the third story of our hostel. Downstairs, we were met by a couple adrenaline rushed teammates and a completely calm Liz, who told us not to be worried and to go back to bed. I think most of us were ready to run a marathon with all the adrenaline coursing through our bodies.

After getting to sleep, we woke up to have breakfast, packed all our luggage in the bus, and headed out to Otavalo with our translators. Along the way, we got the whole bus to play Silencio which is sort of along the lines of Miss Mary Mack.

Once in Otavalo, we unpacked, ate an incredible lunch, and got ready for our first program focused on the lesson that God is our Creator. After a bit of confusion over keys, location, timing, and announcements to the town, we got to a great area that seemed to be perfect. As kids began to come, we began to notice some parents, older teens, a full basketball team, and food vendors joining us. The loudspeakers went on and started commentating, while each of the teams desperately tried to keep the attention of the kids. Yes, there was a bit of chaos–okay, a lot of chaos–but at the end of the day the team came together to love on the kids.

To wrap up a long and eventful day, we returned to our hotel to eat, have devotions with each other, and practice a little Krav Maga with Rob on the roof. I think it’s safe to say that I had no trouble getting to sleep that night.074873

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