Today was our first day teaching with the children at Living Waters Development Center (a boarding school/orphanage). We were greeted in the driveway by familiar faces who were eager for our arrival. There was an immediate connection with the children and it touched my heart to think that God had put together this team of eighteen people, American and Burmese, from all over the globe to come to this little orphanage to serve and love these little ones. Oh how God must love these little ones to send us so far to spend this week with them!

I was so proud of our team today! They did a great job teaching and interacting with the children. I could sense God’s love on that property today. One of the young men told me that teaching the kids today was helping him to be closer to God. He also expressed, “I don’t know why God would choose me to participate in this mission trip?” But isn’t that how God works? He chooses the unlikely person like David who defeated the giant by trusting in the Lord (a story we told today). It was touching to see the young people hugging the team members goodbye and exclaiming, “Mannepwedwimay!” (Burmese for see you tomorrow)

Our team divided into groups:
Craft team 1: Alayna, Shirlei, and Gideon
Craft team 2: Mariah, Nadi, and Ti Ti
Game team 1: Daniel, Stephen, and Nge Nge
Game team 2: Siobhan, Tomato, and J J
Lesson team: Kayla and Seng
Teens: Atalie and San Aung

Liz and I have prayed for months for God to put together the right people on this team and we believe that he has directly answered that prayer. We are excited for the things he has in store for us these next three weeks!

My prayer is that the eyes of our hearts may be enlightened to know HIM, and what he has brought about IN CHRIST when he raised him from the dead! This is a prayer in my journal from 10/18/2015: “Father, I do not desire I nice, fun mission trip that goes as planned but is only what we could accomplish. I long for the fruit and works of the living Christ as only you can do. Holy Spirit, we need your power, anointing, and apart from your presence and mighty work don’t send us. Please pour out your grace and glorify Christ mightily!

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  • Jake Daw

    Such awesome news of how the Holy Spirit is working in your lives, and the lives of the people you’ve all come to minister to! Prayers will continue for you as you work along side the Holy Spirit!

  • Cheryl Prantle

    So amazing to hear how God has brought all of you together to accomplish His purposes! We are so blessed our daughter, Mariah, is serving with you all. We are praying for you!

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