God has been working in my heart so much over this trip and stretching me to do things I could never accomplish without him! I felt stressed toward the beginning of the week, not feeling super prepared with the lessons, but the Lord works through anything, even our weakest moments.

As soon as I got to the orphanage I fell in love with all the children, they have beautiful smiling faces each day even amidst some of their hard circumstances. But boy do these kids love craft time! They sit down and are so diligent and careful making each detail, and they truly care about what you are saying.

On our last day there what really touched me was the fact that these children are so happy when we are with them, that when we were close to leaving, most of the girls broke down crying. They were in the middle of singing us their last song and could barely even finish. One girl in particular, Sophia, has touched my heart this week. Each day she greets me with a hug and smile, but after their song, she ran up to me sobbing and hugged me so tight. Numerous times she said she didn’t want us to go and wished we could stay there. Sophia has the sweetest heart and is such a servant for the Lord. It was so hard to leave each and every one of them. These kids have been the most well behaved respectful children I’ve ever worked with. You can just see the love of Christ overflowing from them.

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  • Cheryl Prantle

    Mariah, It blesses my hear to hear you share about your experiences there and the children that have touched your life and that you have touched! I know God is working through you and in you during this trip. He will give you all that you need! I love you!


  • Hilary

    What a beautiful picture of God’s love you are sharing with these kids! I am just in awe of the work He is doing with your group and am SO grateful you have this opportunity. Soak in every minute of it and let this love shine for the world to see!!

    Lots of love and prayers from Texas,

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