AlSFgx85aI1oy9M51CmVY_97-LwochQCaXdPkhvZZq2Xs-VEaMj6eSx0IYB6gI4eOkeKOA6CBX3MdFmN5BC68JzRg8TBdEaNSfhH6w=s320Today we taught about renewing your mind in game team one. It’s not an easy concept to teach, especially through a translator, so I was thankful for Tommy’s help. Martín was kind enough to fill me in on some of the funny things the kids said. One of them, when asked what the Bible is for, responded that it’s for propping the door open.

Andrea and Martín (two of the translators) had us over to their house tonight. It was very special eating a meal in a home. Our other translators were there as well, so it was a refreshing time of laughter and good conversation.  Apart from the delicious food, one highlight was making a puppet together, an Ecuadorian New Years tradition.

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