We began our day with a fabulous meal prepared by our chef and a Bible lesson shared by a team member, pointing us to God.  The next order of business was setting up our medical clinic. Working a clinic in Chiapas, Mexico is pretty similar to other countries. You divide the team up into stations; at the first station, a couple team members triag the people by finding out their chief complaints and getting a first set of vitals. When the people were through with that they moved to the middle of the room where a few members of the team were waiting with Bibles in hand. Each person coming to get treated heard a presentation of the gospel as well as other verses and testimonies shared by the team members.

After being prayed with, the locals then moved to see one of the Doctors and/or get fitted for a pair of glasses. A variety of conditions and issues were presented, some of which could be treated where we were. Sadly however, there were many that had chronic problems from years of doing things wrong or from a previous injury or condition that wasn’t treated or didn’t heal properly.  Many of the things seen today are commonly seen in a third world countries, mostly due to the lack of education in basic cleanliness and home health practices. The biggest need isn’t necessarily health, drugs, or a doctor, it’s somebody with a caring heart that is willing to take the time to share how to do things better. All in all it was an exceptional day. Many were treated and all heard the gospel, allowing us to be a part of God’s awesome plan to reach all nations.

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