We had the second day of teaching for the team at the church Principe de Paz (Prince of Peace). My teammate Lizzie and I are on story team and today we taught a story on surrender. Today’s topic was so convicting to me as we taught and explained it to the kids. The story was called “My Heart, Christ’s Home.” It was about a man who invites Jesus into his heart to make a home there. With time, the man gives up control of the different rooms and hands it to Jesus. At first, it was hard for the man to surrender (give that part of his life) to God, but as he allowed the Lord to take control, he found that he was most happiest when he did give it. We taught this story 6 times in one day and each time I told it, it brought to mind certain areas in my life that I have not given full surrender to the Lord because I think that I know best, or I am unsure or afraid of what would happen if I do give it to the Lord. But the Lord is worthy of trust, He sees the whole picture, He is faithful, He loves me and the Lord will do a WAY better job if I just give it to Him. What a great lesson to teach the kids on their second day and what a great and much needed reminder! Pray that the team will continue strong and healthy, and that the kids would understand the messages that are given each day.
-GabriellaGUA2015_Day 6_Brittni Moten-14GUA2015_Day 7_Brittni Moten-26GUA2015_Day 7_Brittni Moten-14GUA2015_Day 7_Brittni Moten-13
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