Today we hiked a volcano! After hiking to the top, and down over the side, there in the middle lay a beautiful (but cold and deep!) lake. It was absolutely stunning, and everyone enjoyed the water, the amazing views, and the physical exertion (even if they wouldn’t admit it!).

Seeing this tranquil beauty reminded me of how God takes the desolate places, and restores and redeems them; transforming them into something¬†wonderful. Visualizing hiking to the top of a volcano, my mental picture would be that of destruction and desolation…and I’m sure that this place once was. However, what we found inside was restored. It was raw and authentic beauty, and it was so refreshing and peaceful.

Truly, this is the story of what God wants to do within each of us — take our areas of destruction and desolation, and restore and redeem them, and turn them into areas of beauty and rest; causing others to reflect on the glory of His great name. What a fitting way to end our time here in Guatemala, as we pray that God will take the desolation of this city, and spread His Gospel, send His Spirit, and light a fire in the hearts of these people for His name. May He turn the desolation of Jutiapa into the restoration of a city redeemed by the light of His truth.

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