Today a Compañerismo (fellowship) for the deaf was held at the Summerville home. We played games, conversed in sign, had traditional Guatemalan cuisine (delicious!), and put on a short program. Earlier in the week (in Las Tunas) we did our “El Dragon” skit and pictures had been posted on facebook. Many of the deaf saw those pictures which encited a lot of animated conversation.  “How did you make the fire?” was the main inquiry. 🙂  So the decision was made to do that skit so they could see it for themselves. It was a BIG hit. It was amusing to see their facial expressions when the dragon made her appearance! 11913506_728281287298101_362736846719009965_n

     The late afternoon and evening were pretty chill. We had team devotions. The photography team worked on post-processing and slideshow. Liz and a few volunteers made nachos for supper. And I think there was a “nail party” somewhere. 😉 So grateful for the opportunity to serve here in Guatemala with this team!

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