Today was the last day of kids programs at Principe de Paz in Las Tunas, Guatemala, it was sad and happy. Sad that we have to leave these kids, but happy because they have learned so much about God’s love for them. It was incredible seeing the change from the beginning of the week to the end of the week. In the beginning, many of the kids were shy and unsure of us and what we were teaching, but by the end they would run behind our bus and wave and shout to us as we drove through the town.
      We started the morning program as we always did, with an epic game of sharks and minnows. This was no ordinary sharks and minnows where the sharks simply tag the minnows to catch them. The sharks have to physically drag the minnows across the court to their side and the minnows can help their team mates and by dragging them the other way. Playing this style of sharks and minnows with 40 rambunctious boys can get very intense, as you can imagine. There were many times when team members were being pulled both directions by all 40 boys. Luke Summerville lost feeling in his hand for 20 minutes because it got so violent, but thankfully, he regained it. Starting off each day with this game helped to break the kids out of their boxes for the rest of the day.
      This whole week the team has been experiencing so much spiritual warfare. The spiritual oppression that looms over the little town of Las Tunas can be sensed tangibly. Team members have gotten sick for no apparent reason, many team members had stomach aches, and others of us were experiencing irrational fears and anxieties. Many days this week I have slipped outside of the church to walk around the building and pray. As the week and our prayers progressed, we saw satan lose his grip and the Holy Spirit work. This final day went the most smooth out of all of the days this week. Team members felt lighter and the kids were so much more attentive and receptive. This was an answer to prayer!
      It is so humbling to be a part of what God is doing in Las Tunas! I am praying for revival in this little town!20150814-ERK_290620150814-ERK_279620150814-ERK_2871GUA2015_Day 10_Brittni Moten-8
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