With the crowing of the rooster, the sounding of the whistle, everyone running frantically to the courts, and flags waving in the air, camp has officially begun!! This being my third year in a row coming to camp, I have to admit that I felt right at home amidst all of the insanity. The first day of camp really focuses on bringing all of these different people together as a team, and building a sense of pride for your team. It’s always such a cool thing to watch as a team of strangers grows closer together and supports one another as the day progresses! I have to admit that at times I want to explode when I see some of my kids casually strolling as the whistle blows (line-up isn’t just for fun… it’s for POINTS people!!), but when I see their adorable smiling faces, I forget all of my impatience and remember the real reason why we are here: to love these children and to live our lives as an example of Christ to those around us.

I love that I already feel a sense of camaraderie between all the teams despite the fierce competition, and I love hearing each team proudly sing their chant. This week is off to an incredible start, and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for the rest of camp!!

– Ashley












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