Sat/Sun June 20-21

We set the stage in Budapest. It was Saturday morning and half the team, who arrived the day before, was finishing breakfast. As we were walking out of the restaurant debating on what we should do before the rest of the team arrived, who should arrive but the rest of the team!

Brandon, Amanda, and Bethany arrived at the hotel not exactly bright-eyed and bushy tailed, but rather slightly ragged and jet lagged. That didn’t stop the festivities though! We decided to go for a twelve-mile stroll through Budapest. We saw sights, we bought souvenirs, we even took a boat ride on the Danube by night to see all the lights. But alas, the day must end, so we walked back to the hotel to go to bed.

After a satisfying and restful night’s sleep and a much welcomed breakfast, our driver Alin arrived at the hotel on Sunday morning. He packed our bags in the most efficient way, then we all loaded up and drove away towards Romania. After six hours of foreign highways and byways we picked up Rachel and then arrived at our host’s home where we were welcomed with food and smiles.

Everyone was so happy and greeted us when we arrived. We had a wonderful time meeting new friends and family. Devon in particular loves the place where we are staying. He kept referring to all the trees, sheep, and open sky, and he didn’t even care that it was cold and raining.

We took some time Sunday evening as a team to get ready for the day to come. I got paired with Deanna for game team one. I look forward to the week and I know it will be tough. Please pray for us to have strength, energy, and to show God’s love.

– Drew


On the famous Chain Bridge that spans the Danube River


Can this be blamed on jet lag?


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