Today was day three in Mintia and Pojoga and we continue to love getting to know these kids and spend time with them. We arrived early in both villages to play soccer with the kids before the program, and discovered that we have some pretty good players on our team. 🙂

For the day’s theme of humility, we did a spoof of “The Prince and the Pauper” for large group and the kids loved it! Rachel was our princess (believe me, we ALL knew it all day!) and Bethany was her look-alike.

We also made “CAFI” bracelets (WWJD in Romanian) and crowns to remind us how Jesus laid aside his glory to come serve sinners on earth. The team is doing a great job at reaching out and connecting with the kids despite the language barrier. I’m so proud of how they’re adapting the curriculum for each group and already working so well together just a few days into our trip.

IMG_4342Big news of the day – I’m officially adopted! I was talking with a sweet older lady at dinner and mentioned that her jam reminded me of my mom’s homemade jam and made me feel at home. She and her husband instantly adopted me and started hugging me and telling stories of their life and ministry. I love how God uses the smallest, most random moments to make some of the biggest connections and memories of our trip.

She does bi-weekly Bible study and cooking classes with 7-8 girls in her town, most of whom don’t have a mother or grandmother figure in their lives. She gets deep and personal with them and they respect her for it. Originally she was looking for someone else to do the Bible studies, but then someone told her that she had her Bible and personal testimony, and God has continued giving her insights each time for the girls. I hope that someday I can be like her when I grow up!

We ended the night with some singing in English and Romanian, and it was a beautiful, mutually encouraging way to wrap up another day.

– Amy

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